Friday, March 22, 2013

Little girl who has my heart!

                When Tevis and I started dating I knew he had a daughter and I knew one day when he was ready he would introduce us. What I didn’t know was the love I would have for this child. I met her and she had basically just turned 5, now she will be 7 in a week. Doesn’t seem like two years and let me tell you this.. I love that little girl as my own! I kind of have in the back of my head I won’t be a mother, Tevis won’t have another kid, and she won’t get to be a big sister. SO I like being in that mother role when she is with us, I want to be a mother so bad and Delaney is the closest thing I will get to that probably. I of course can and will NEVER take the place of her own mother, but Delaney is pretty lucky to have two sets of great parents in her life. She is one loved girl and gets lots of attention! Being a step-mom though can be hard to adjust to, I never want to over step my boundaries for one, and I hate being the bad guy and discipline her but she has to know I am boss. I had the hardest time at first getting her to realize she has to listen to me. We would butt heads a lot. We both have attitude like no other and are stubborn and don’t like to share either LOL.  With time it’s gotten so much better. Everything that has gone on with Tevis, I do a lot for him and Delaney, so Delaney has gotten use to me being more of a parent. If I need Tevis to step in he will. Tevis is a great dad, I can’t tell any of you this enough or emphasize on how lucky Delaney is to have a dad that actually cares and loves her and wants to see her. I know a lot of low dead beat dads. Tevis is def. far from that!  Being a step-mom is a choice a choice I made when I decided Tevis was who I wanted. This child your boyfriend/girlfriend has will be forever apart of your life so don’t take that choice lightly. It is a big responsibility, especially to me who was just 21 years old. I Love the decision and made and though I don’t feel complete yet, one day I hope I can make Delaney a big sister, she would be a great big sister!!!

Please feel free to ask advice, vent or need someone to talk to, I am here for ya! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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