Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hobby time....

I do not want to be a professional at this sorta hobby I would like to do but i do want to learn and do it on the side for family and close friends. 
I love taking pictures, always taking them. Just off my phone mainly, but we almost invested in a nice camera at Christmas time with the awesome specials. Life happened and we just couldn't at the time, but i believe i can invest in a camera soon and then invest in a Photoshop software. I will not take anyone's business away nor will I be the greatest out there, but why not try out a hobby I already love. Only bad thing is, i know a ton of people that wont share or help a gal out. So i gotta figure everything out on my own. I don't really want a full time job right now, so photography could be a little side job along with a part time job i hope to find once we move. I seem to get a lot of views but no one follows me, SOO any advice please feel free to contact me. My goal is to invest in a camera and practice and learn how to use my camera and etc. I will practice on the beautiful outside and probably Delaney before i branch out to my family and close friends!

And this just lets you know a little more about me, i like taking pictures, i like photography, i like to be creative without having to be center of attention, i am a shy shy person!
Goodnight. I am done blogging for the night!


  1. So, I just found out about Blog Conferences... I know we can't do it this year BUT maybe next year we can go :) it's a 4 night stay (mini vacay) and they have courses in photography and other great small business tools are available. We should consider going, for real :) I know they will be willing to help!!

  2. on A sorta fairytale? I know i read her blog! that sounds awesome and would be a great thing for us to do together and get away and meet new people :)

  3. yes, I also learned about it on Twitter :) They have tons of different ones.
    :) Maybe next year, life will treat us well enough to allow us to go :)