Monday, March 25, 2013

spring break, HA!

I am on spring break this week, i am so glad not to have to deal with homework this week. I love this much needed break! So this time last year we were breaking record highs for the temperature. This year we are at the end of a winter storm! CRAZY! I am ready for flip flop weather! Where are you spring...where are you?

There are a couple pictures of our spring winter storm. So cold out! & the rest of the week we will be up in the mid to high 40's so I am sure this snow wont last very long!
This is the temp. for March 20th, first day of Spring! My quote for the day was "spring my ass, lol" 

 I finally got to do something for myself! :) Since Tevis couldn't get me anything for my birthday and valentines day and we have some money he said i could pick something to do for myself. So last week I got my hair colored and then Saturday I got my nails done with my mom. We have been at my moms for a week now, and if we could we'd stay longer! We were suppose to leave today but due to snow we decided to wait it out and we will have to def. leave tomorrow to get to tevis' appointment for his FINAL permanent prosthetic leg.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday and hope everyone stays warm!

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  1. Seriously, I am so tired of this snow.
    But your nails are frickin' awesome :)