Friday, March 29, 2013

Journey To Walking Again

It has been almost a full year since Tevis was able to walk again. As you've read through my two posts about Tevis in the tab called Tevis' Story, you know last Feb he had a below the knee amputation on his left leg. He spent about 2-3 months, maybe little longer, confined to a wheel chair. Thinking about it now doesn't seem like a long time, but living and being with tevis for that time it seemed like 6 months. Just think how you would feel being confined to a wheel chair and not be able to walk, stand up, or even take a regular shower ever again. Going places took a bit longer, I had to get him into the car, then fold his wheel chair up and put it in the trunk, then get it out when we got to wherever we were going, I swear i built some muscles doing it. Well He got his first prosthetic leg in May of last year if I remember right. It has been a battle but he is overall doing very well and he is finally getting his final permanent leg and should be able to enjoy life better.

I want to share some photos & videos later...& bare with my because they are just iPhone pictures.
His very first time trying out his leg and walking and standing up for the first time in months!
This is from his fundraiser his friends, family and I threw for him & just showing how he was confined to a wheel chair.
Tevis home last spring/summer with his very first leg & of course its colts!
I hope to post some videos sometime...
Until then Just pray for Tevis for he has a life time of struggles!

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  1. He's come such a long way :)
    Keeping you guys in my prayers.. always