Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Storm in March....

I hope this is the last snowfall of the winter. I am MORE then ready for spring weather! This snow storm started yesterday afternoon and didnt stop until this morning. It rained A LOT before then it was like raining snowballs, the snow flakes were so big and wet. We will stay home today not knowing what the roads are really like and being out in the country roads are always worse anyways. I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day.I am not sure how much snow they got in greenwood or Indy, but i think up north at home they got more. Now warm weather is coming so all this needs to melt and GO AWAY! Now i guess i should start working on some Homework! Happy hump day ya'll

 Here are a few pictures of hopefully out last snow fall! 


  1. Oh man, we got triple that.. lol
    Lucky you! ;)
    I really am looking forward to sunny skies and dry ground

  2. Yeah we def. did not get what the weather was saying or what you guys got up north. I say about 4 inches. IF THAT! Its just so heavy and wet. its falling off trees and hitting the roof of the house its like someone is on the roof lol Plus we got ice before the snow, so the roads are icy. I am so looking forward to flip flop weather