Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Catch up!

Hello My Viewers! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I sadly did not take ANY pictures over my weekend which is totally not like me, but we had a great weekend! Thursday started off with vising Travis our friend that is very sick, they let him go home Friday mainly because he has no insurance and he is stable enough, just need to get back for tests and surgery. They are slowly but surely figuring him out. Thursday night was just a relaxing night home together watching TV and playing Hay Day on my iPhone and tevis' iPad, LOL. I know we lead a exciting life. Friday we knew our Friend/Storm Bowling rep was coming for the night, we picked him up at his hotel and went to Expo(bowling center) to watch our friends bowl and hang out until Dinner at our fave Friday night spot for some amazing Mexican food, El Mesen. Night of seeing people we haven't seen in awhile and lots of laughing. We haven't been able to go out and do stuff so now we are and its a great feeling. Our friends have missed us :) Tevis has a great group of friends who have welcomed me with open arms, i have developed amazing friendships. Saturday we planned a WHOLE day with tevis' best friend Mark his wife Melissa. Met at their house around noon and ate at this hibachi grill buffet for lunch, OMG it was amazing, lots of food and a wide variety and for tevis and I to eat it was just under $20. We hung out at Marks house and waited for more friends to show up. Everyone hung out, talked, laughed, played cards, tried out our soda stream machine and worked on the Derby bowling tournament that goes on every year in June. if you don't know me, well my life revolves around BOWLING, I use to work at a bowling distributor and met Tevis who helps manage pro shops around the Indy and Greenwood area. Everyone we hang out with is a bowler. & back to my saturday, another main reason for getting together was to eat some CHICKEN WINGS. Tevis has told me about them and said he will ruin any traditional wing i ever eat again. HE WAS RIGHT! they were amazing and we probably went through 200 wings, maybe more. We got home around midnight, and ended up staying up really late and losing an hour since it was Spring Forward, LOL. Only good thing is now it stays light out later and it will start getting WARMER out, yay! Our Sunday consisted of finishing up HW and started getting ahead on next weeks, I have two weeks left then a spring break, & being lazy and never got our of my PJS lol. 

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! I am going to my parents next Wednesday through the weekend, YAY! Cant wait to hang out with my family and see some friends!

A sort of lame weekend, but hey you get to know me a little more throughout what i do in my life. 

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