Monday, March 4, 2013

I believe i am lucky...

As much negative things happen in my life, positive things out weight the negative and positive things happen just at the right time. I truly believe i am a lucky girl even though i have my down moments. I thought i would write this post to tell more about Tevis and I and catch up on our lives a little bit.

Last friday tevis had another eye appointment, he was prepared for shots in the eye again and i was praying for good news for once. Many people don't know, but Tevis developed Diabetic Retinapothy we discovered this back in November. Which is where his blood sugar was uncontrolled for so long that his eyes were suffering because of it and they hemorrhaged, his eyes were bleeding and that's why his vision was going down hill. We were at his VERY FIRST appointment and the doctor was so scared he would go blind they did laser surgery on both eyes that same day, they don't usually do both eyes either because its very painful. Tevis left in tears it hurt so bad. He was told to not drive and just to keep his blood sugar under control which it was, his eyes got bad because all the previous years not knowing he was a diabetic. His eyes were in bad shape, so about a month later he had another appointment and this time still no improvement eyes were still bleeding, so they gave him shots in both eyes. HE WAS SO SCARED FOR THIS. he was about to leave i thought i was going to have to sit on him to make him stay there, luckily the lady calmed him down and after it was all said and done he said he would do injections every day compared to laser surgery. That was right before Christmas well he had another appointment in January but had the Flu so he to reschedule it. So last Friday we has his appointment finally, i was praying so hard for some good news for once. Good news is, he was cleared to drive his eyes are slowly improving and his vision is basically back to normal. He is outta the woods for major eye surgery and although his eyes still aren't 100% we were just glad to hear some improvement. He got another round of injections so get rid of more old blood. He isn't scared of those anymore, thankful. He has another appointment and they may want to do laser, but we will see. He drove for the first time yesterday with me in the car, i was SO EXCITED not to drive(he hates my driving) and today he drove to go to work for a couple hours by himself today. Wahooo! I am so thankful and lucky he is getting better. 
So we have been living together for a year now, but never in our own house! I am more then ready to be in our own place. When i moved down here we lived with his parents then when tevis was able to walk again on a prosthetic, we decided to move in with his roommate where was he staying at before he got sick, we missed our big king size bed lol. We have been living here since June. Our goal is to be moving sometime over the summer into Tevis' house in Greenwood where his sister is at the moment renting from him. Its a great 3 bedroom 2 bath open house in a great housing addition. Has a two car garage awesome big fenced in backyard with room for pool maybe one day hehe. Has an awesome swing set nice deck. I just dream of us having people over and our dog and Delaney playing in the back yard. I cant wait to move, and surprise Delaney with her new/old room. I will be excited to finally have our own parties, have my family and friends come stay and just be a normal couple living together. I hope nothing else goes wrong and god will allow us to finally have what we want. In October we will have been together for 3 years and we so deserve good things to start happening.
Hope you have enjoyed getting to know us a little more and catching up on our life. See ya next time :) xoxoxoxxoxo

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  1. I'm so glad his eyes are doing better.. :)
    I also cannot wait for u to move so I can invite myself over ;) lol