Sunday, April 7, 2013

The reasoning behind my blog name!

I have tried over and over and over to start a blog and KEEP IT! I want to say this is probably my third time trying, I tried when I split up with my ex-husband and well got to personal and I guess wrote stuff I shouldn’t, lots of drama came with it, so I stopped, & then I tried while back and got lazy with it. This is has been a new a great ride so far! I love the blogging community! Slowly but surely getting some followers and following some pretty amazing people.

I give all the credit to my best friend, Erica! She would always tell me how lucky I was when I told her something about me life, stuff with Tevis & etc. Although I have had quite the bumpy road it always ends up okay, everything happens for a reason is my life motto! I am a girl full of love and feeling LUCKY!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. You do get lucky in life a lot... but you know what the best part is??? As your bestfriend, I get to witness it, knowing you deserve it! You have been and go through so much, and you are so loving and caring, and God just blesses you for it! You are awesome Britney Nicole, I love ya xoxo