Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap up in Iphone Pictures....

Spent the weekend at my parents house for my moms birthday, Enjoy my iPhone pictures!
 She thought she was turning 49 and even told people she was almost 50... ugh she's totally only 48, I had to convince her lol. So funny. My mom is such a blonde!
We went bowling Friday night and had DQ for dessert. Saturday was her birthday, we went and got our nails done, then had a yummy steak dinner, had some Ice cream cake and ended up lots of laughs and early to bed LOL.

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My hunny, my bowling coach, my biggest supporter, love you Tevis!

family bowling! Haley and I

Mom is way better then me at Bowling

My mom has the greatest smile ever, Glad we got her outta the house

Haley bowling!

My Bub loves taking pictures, lol, can ya tell?

this is my goofy father

bowling for mommas birthday!

got my nails done saturday AM with my mom

haha we got some watermelon.

drink of the night (saturday) and shots of moonshine, eeek!

How cute is this..? i got for my niece

Ended the weekend with Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies!

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