Thursday, April 11, 2013

i am ready to shoot a 300!

Hey to all my viewers out there, hope everyone had a good Thursday!
It is exciting to see some viewers from all over and see some come back, NOW FOLLOW ME! :)

So to give a little background information I worked at Classic Products, Bowling Distributor, for 5 years. I was found by my boss when i was working at a tanning salon and she thought i had great people skills to be able to work in the customer service area. In those 5 years I owned a ball that sat under my desk..maybe bowled a few games..and i sucked at it! I also met my boyfriend, he was a customer of mine. :)

I always wanted to learn to bowl but never had any confidence in myself. It is harder then you think. Now that i live in the Indy area with my boyfriend and we are around bowling all the time i finally got the nerve to tell Tevis i wanted to bowl. So I picked out my shoes, ball & bag. :) I will show pictures later of all my equipment. I bowled a 73...79...71 I was basically just learning technique today so scores were low but it was fun and I know i am going to like this! && yes Tevis has started back to bowling, even though he has a prosthetic, he wont let him stop doing what he is good at. I will def. be letting you know how my new hobby goes! WISH ME LUCK and for me to BOWL GOOD! :)

My man drilling my ball

This is just a entry level ball I am using at the moment to learn.

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  1. I love your new ball :) and I think it's so cool that he got it for you :)