Wednesday, April 10, 2013

so WHAT wednesday!

Hey all! After finding a new blog to read and follow... lupieforlife  :)
I am linking up with Life after I "Dew"  on SO WHAT WEDNESDAY!


  • i stayed up til 2:30am and got up after 11
  • if my dvr is always full and i watch way too many shows
  • it was humid as hell today and i STILL did my hair, lol. fail on my part
  • i am still jobless, focusing on school is my goal right now
  • i shop online and day dream about money growing on trees
  • i am jealous of skinny girls, i should probably do something about that
  • i usually wear t-shirts and sweats, i am comfty thats all that matters lol 
  • we've been to greenwood everyday this week and still didnt go to walmart to get INK for the printer 

That is my So whats for today! First time! Go me! Happy HUMP DAY ya'll!


  1. Girl please, my jammies are a staple at least 5 of the 7 days a week in the worries...whatev works for you. This sounds terrible, but the only people who care if I put on clothes or not are my parents. Go figure. They have always made sure my hair was fixed and I was dressed to the T growing up and I think, once I got out on my own, I just said screw it!!!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

    Have a great Friday and don't forget to DANCE!!!!