Friday, April 12, 2013

Happies and Crappies [1]

Hey loves, xoxo
I am linking up with Sarah for a Happies and Crappies post! My first one... will be done on Fridays only.

 Happies from my week:

  • today is Friday and our weekend with D so cannot wait to see her.
  • i had Tevis drill me up my first ever bowling ball
  • bowled three games yesterday
  • we had lunch with a couple of friends yesterday, i am excited to have a new "girlfriend"
  • I got all my homework done in two days. 
  • i've been able to wear flip flops ALL WEEK!
  • little late information, but so EXCITED to have an NIECE
Crappies from my week:

  • today Tevis has an eye appointment, probably another round of injections in his eyes. Poor guy :(
  • Wednesday we hit a pot hole, HARD :( 
  • thursday had to pay for a new tire, $150 OUCH.
  • Got a C- on my anatomy Test, ouch :'(
There ya have it folks, my first happies and crappies post! :)
Happy Friday all! xoxo.

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