Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time for a LIFE STYLE change

Happy Tuesday loves!

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I thought i would start my weight loss journey and make it public on my blog, its the best place to get big support and encouragement.

I hate talking about my weight and I hate being overweight, but it’s mostly all my fault. One reason why I got this way is because of polycystic ovary syndrome (so easy to gain and harder to lose) & other part is laziness. So it’s about damn time I do something about it. I never stick with diets or exercise, just can’t flipping do it. I hate counting calories and everything is just so expensive so I stop buying the “good” Healthy food.

 I need to cut out junk food, candy, and pop. I do not drink a lot of pop but occasionally I do. I am not a heavy pop drinker by any means. Junk food and candy are my weakness that will take some work finding healthier snacks. I need to do some research and start getting lists of foods together. I want to start eating better little by little. So it’s not a big drastic change for my body. 

Having PCOS I need to be mainly on a low carb diet, which means this would help out Tevis too with his diabetes. I love my pasta and mashed potatoes so I will really need to watch those. That will be the hardest of all.

My current weight: 215
My short term goal is to be 195lbs by July. I just want outta the 200’s
My long term goal is to be 160’s by end of the year.
My goals may change. I def. don’t want to overdo it or make too hard of a goal. 

I really just overall want to feel better inside. I never have any energy and always feel lousy after a terrible meal, especially carby meals. In the past when I was eating better and exercising I felt better and had more energy. I need to get on some vitamins too that will help. 

My sweet boyfriend always tells me if you want to lose weight, fine, I will help you but don’t do it for me because I love you for you & etc. etc. I do feel I am doing it for him, I want him to have a hot young girlfriend, ya know? I need to do it for me, for my health and to be able to be more active with Delaney. 

So I hope I can do this this time around. I don’t work and I have plenty of time to exercise, I JUST NEED TO MAKE THE EFFORT! I need all the support and encouragement I can get. Thanks in advance! 

My heart is heavy for the victims of yesterday. My thought and prayers go out to everyone who is affected by this. I hope they find who did this and why. I hope there are no more reports of people dieing. Just breaks my heart how hideous people are in this world. Hug your loved ones today! Everyday!


  1. You can do this Britney! You are on the right path...we are so in the same boat. I am not working right not, have a little one, and we are close to the same weight! Let's do it together! I know we can :)


  2. Good for you! I have such a hard time sticking to it but about 3 weeks ago something finally changed for me and I am doing it for me because it's what I want for myself and I am actually enjoying the working out part of it! I hope you don't find it too hard and remember that it takes time and not to get discouraged if the weight doesn't come off as quick as you hoped!

    1. Thank you so much Kelsey for the words of encouragement.
      With having PCOS i will never be able to get the weight off as quickly as others but i know I can do it!

  3. I was so scared to start blogging about weight loss but the support and accountability will change everything. You can do this!!

  4. The making an effort is what I struggle with the most. if just THINKING about losing weight made me loose it..I'd be thin! :) Too bad thinking doesn't burn calories!
    But you can do it, we'll all help. :)

    1. The support and encouragement helps ALOT, thank you!