Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap up in Pictures! ++ a shoutout

Hello my loves,
Today should be a great day. T and I are meeting a friend for lunch at one of our favorite buffets and then he has another appointment, those are never ending and then probably do a little bowling and work on some lovely homework. I hope everyone has a great Monday and i hope everyone had a great weekend! I will leave you with some pictures from my weekend. XoXo

I got my new bowling Ball!!! Isn't it so pretty :) Just wait it gets better...

My hunny drilling up my bowling ball :) 

My ball is called Freak'N Frantic and it smells like Apples! HOW COOL! 

Pedicures with Ms. Delaney her first full pedicure

Scary how much my dad and brother look alike... Notice something different about my dad, no longer called Silver Fox he dyed his hair DARK! 

Because it was 70's theme at his work, they had a party and he wanted to be John Travolta, How do you think he did? lol Bet my mom got to take John Travolta home hehe ;) ;)

found this on Facebook and sent it to Tevis

This is what he said, lol, he is such a butthead sometimes

THERE YA HAVE IT!! Hope you enjoyed my pictures!
What did you all do over the weekend? If you post a recap of your weekend leave me a comment I want to see what you were up to. Before I go i would love to give a shout out to a new friend!

Her name is Kelsey :) Go check this chick out! She is super nice, easy to talk to, a momma to an adorable fur baby, newbie Runner and just trying to stay healthy.

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  1. You are so sweet for giving me a shout out!! <3 It looks like y'all had an awesome weekend!! Delaney looks like she was loving it! :D What colors did y'all choose?

    1. No problem girly!
      I got a french tip on my toes :) Delaney did some cute glitter colors she wanted each finger and toe a different color but i talked her into just two different colors, haha.

  2. Love your ball!!!! :)

    Erica Dee