Wednesday, April 17, 2013

so WHAT wednesday!

Hey loves, xoxo
I am linking up with Life After I "Dew" again this week! 
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  • if i went to work with my boyfriend tonight and did basically nothing. Hey i kept him company 
  • I got like a weeks worth of school work done in two days, I AM AN OVERACHIEVER haha.
  • if i tell myself i am going to start getting up early to eat bfast, and yet that doesn't happen
  • tell myself i am going to get to bed at a decent hour and before i know it is 2am. i blame my games on my phone
  • if my boyfriend and I lay in bed to watch shows on the DVR and i put a pillow on his lap because its back rubbing time, hehe, like to think im spoiled
  • if i out of the blue bought something new in coach yesterday,eeeeeeek. (happy dance)
  • if i let Tevis walk into the DARK house first because well, i am afraid of the dark. 
  • i only bowled a 83,94,88 yesterday, one day i will rock that shit. 
  • if blogging and reading blogs is my escape and free therapy, Ive really been loving the blogging community lately, YA'LL rock! 

Pinning my Hair back like mamalaughlin

My New Coach :) only $35

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