Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Can I get a Pause button?

So I seen this picture post late last night on IG...
&& of course it spoke straight to my heart and stirred up what i wanted to post today in my lovely blog.

Look at these two good looking people. See where I get my good looks from, hehe. These two amazing people would be my parents. I call them mom & dad, you can too or Tony & Gayelynn. :)  My parents and I arent getting any younger and well i am 24 years old and last year or so I have realized more and more how precious life is and how I cherish my parents so much. I moved away from home a little over a year ago and let me tell you i am homesick about everyday. Some days are better then others when I am busy and not thinking about it. Moving was good for me though and i know where I needed to be, with Tevis, which they understood. I am just so thankful i am only couple hours away and in the same State, i wont ever move any farther away then I already am THATS for SURE!

 My dad will be 51 this year, doesnt seem like it, but he is a very hard working man who loves my mom and treats her great and he is a young kid at heart. He enjoys life and is care free and laid back. I love his comments "you can sleep when your dead" and "sleeping in is like 8:30am". He is a jokster and is a kid at heart, all my friends ALWAYS got along with him. 

My mom is the rock of the family because well without her we would all be lost, not even kidding there. I will admit i am better living away from them because my relationship with my mom is a  lot better that away. She is more like my bestfriend most days. My mom is so kind and so nice she loves her kids and would do anything for us. Give her a pepsi with LOTS of ice and your her favorite person of the day. I dont know anyone who could say a bad thing about my mom and it be true? Shes an amazing mother, wife, and gonna kick ass at being a GRANDMA! 

My parents are pretty special to me and yes it may have taken me years and years to realize this, but hey I DID :). Life is so unpredictable and tomorrow is never promised so I cherish my monthly visits, weekends I will always remember. I love them dearly!

 So what should you get out of this post? Love your parents. Love your family. Tell them you love them all the time. Hug them. Dont take life for granted. We are all sadly getting older and time is precious. Cherish the time we have left on this earth with your loved ones. 

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  1. So true! Love this post! Your parents are wonderful people :) I know that to be true :)

    Erica Dee