Monday, April 1, 2013

Delaney turned SEVEN!

I was introduced to Delaney by Tevis June of 2011 and let me tell you what... she stole my heart and has been attached to me ever since! Tevis tends to come second fiddle when it comes to hehe. She had only been five for a little bit when I met her, so her turning seven Saturday just seemed crazy, shes been in my life two years come this summer and we have PLENTY more to go together & of course i hope to make her a big sister some day! Saturday we woke up and got around for the day. Her mom threw her a birthday party at the roller skating rink, it was so cool watching her skate and have some fun and she fell about 502 times, LOL. After her party we got together with some friends of ours and had dinner at Fireside, one of our favorite restaurants. It was a great day and she def. got spoiled.  I will show ya some pictures from our weekend, and don't mind them they are just iPhone pictures, lol! Happy Monday ya'll!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures from the weekend!
Hope you all had a great weekend/easter!
Lets hope warm weather hurries up! :)

Hey to all my viewers! & HI to my followers!

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