Friday, April 19, 2013

Happies and Crappies [2] & #bluegreen4maggie Brandy Bands give away

Its time for the Happies and Crappies post of my week.
Linking up with Stephanie & Sarah.


  • I practiced bowling thursday morning and improved, i got 100 my first two games.
  • I got a 93% on my math test GO ME!
  • I am at my parents for the weekend for my moms birthday. 
  • going bowling tonight for fun with the family
  • i got my new coach wristlet :) <3
  • I got all my school work done in two days
  • I ordered and paid for my new bowling ball, should be here next week
  • Tevis worked two days in a row, yes he was very sore last night BUT its improvement.
  • i registered for my first 5K..signed up for the color me rad in Indianapolis in September

  • It rained like cats and dogs for three days, tons of flooding everywhere
  • did my hair all cute Wednesday and rain ruined it.
  • Its like 40 degrees today, what a crappy spring
  • the whole bombs in Boston ordeal has my heart heavy and i am so sad for the victims and families and disgusted at the people who did this.
  • still have no idea when we can move :( 
  • found out our friend has to be re-admitted into the hospital because his kidneys are not doing well at all.

 One last thing before I go and enjoy the rest of my Friday with my boyfriend and family.
Go check out my newest friend/follower Samantha. She lost her sister last year and her sister was an organ donator and saved some lives, such a  great gift! Samantha has a great giveaway if you want to support and celebrate with her today! She has a giveaway you cant pass up for a great cause. Below you will see how i celebrated and showed my support. I am an organ donor!


  1. OMG! Thank you! <3 I am so lucky to have such a great BBF - best blog friend!! :)

    1. BBF...i like the sound of that! :)
      You are so very welcome also. Hope you had an overall great day!

  2. Donor here :)
    Did you see the SNOW today? ick. and hail. Today is definitely a HORRIBLE spring day.