Friday, April 26, 2013

Happies & Crappies {3}

Hey loves, xoxo
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Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

  • my new bowling ball shows up today, tevis will drill it up and i will practice, wish me luck.
  • Its the weekend and Delaneys weekend, can't wait to see our peanut.
  • the sun was shining bright thursday, was a beautiful day
  • had dinner at chilis last night with casey and travis, love those two
  • bowled 5 whole flipping games thursday, 73,104,105,97,86
  • Had a nice lunch date with Tevis on thursday

  • poor tevis had laser eye surgery monday, luckily in only one eye and less pain this time
  • tevis has 3 more laser treatments next month :( 
  • I didn't get to see my best friend while being home and meet her new baby girl
  • have had the worst allergies this week. Welcome spring
  • we live out in the country and well i get heartburn a lot and no milk.... :(

Hmmm...short and sweet Happies and Crappies! Hope you enjoyed! & don't forget to link up! 
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my lunch date thursday

me being silly


  1. Love the pics :)
    It did stink that I didn't get to see you :( Rose cried. lol
    Oh and I can't wait to see your new ball :) Don't forget to send me a pic!!

    Erica Dee

  2. Your own bowling ball!!! AWESOME!! I want to see it! What color is it?? So how often do you bowl? I love it! It's so much fun!
    Hope you all are having a great weeke d!

  3. Sounds like an overall good week. I feel you on the allergies, mine have started up and they were at it with a vengeance last night! Hope yours aren't too bad or that you find a medicine that works awesome for you!!