Friday, April 5, 2013

high five to good grades :)

Hey all :) 

So last summer i made a big decision of getting back to college. I went to Ivy Tech right after HS like normal, but once i got married and was not on my parents insurance anymore, i dropped out. I needed a break, i then decided to go back. Well my relationship with my husband at the time was a terrible disaster, so i dropped out again. Wasted about $10,000 at Ivy Tech. Still paying those bills off. 


Since being with Tevis who is so supportive and so encouraging and is always asking how I am doing and helps when he can. I basically knew i could start back to college, since i really don't have to work i can focus on school and school, besides when Tevis needs me or when we have Delaney. I thought i would just write a post about how well i am doing :) I started last September...just started my third quarter..I am a full time online student. I go to Harrison College and have been taking three classes at a are my grades for my first two quarters. :)

Public Speaking-  B+
Medical Terminology- A
Strategies for success- A

Anatomy & Physiology- B
Information Literacy- B+
Fundamentals of communication- B

I am here to brag to the public because i was always a low C or high D average student! I have really worked hard and getting final grades that look like these! 

This spring quarter i am taking:
Comp 1
Anatomy & Physiology II
Fundamentals of Math

I am going to school for Medical Reimbursement Technology.
I will be able to work in insurance companies and my goal is to work from home as a medical coder and/or medical biller. 

I have the greatest support in the world. Tevis, my family and friends!
I may be spending a lot of money going to Harrison, but it will pay off and i cannot wait to graduate and prove myself wrong.

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You are doing awesome :)
    I am so proud of you...
    and always knew you could do it :)