Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who loves a good giveaway?

I have gotten a lot more viewers each day and even got a few new followers here lately :) GO ME!
In a previous post last month i mentioned i wanted to do a giveaway once I reached 10 serious followers. Between bloglovin' and GFC i think I have 10..i am going to wait just a little bit longer and see how the next week goes I have contacted some bigger bloggers on sponsoring me asked about guest posting to get some more traffic and possibly more followers and etc, before i officially do this giveaway!
Just a little giveaway to show my appreciation.
I really do love this blogging community!

thanks to all the support and encouragement.

Since you have stopped here at my page why don't you check out a dear friend of mine she also is fairly new blogger looking for readers and wants to do a giveaway sometime soon. Erica Dee is awesome wife and  a stay at home momma to 4 beautiful girls and on a weight loss journey which she will kick butt in. You all should go show your love and support. 

Good Night Bloggers, sleep tight dont let the bed bug bite, hehe. 
XoXo. <3


  1. Thanks for the shoutout :) I appreciate it!! I'm excited about your giveaway :D

    Erica Dee

  2. Thats awesome that you are getting more readers and followers. I am working on that too but I am so new to the whole things its a bit overwhelming! I am so glad I found your blog! I am loving your posts plus getting to know your through emailing :)

    1. Its hard but you will get your readers and followers I promise! :) I am loving this blogging community and getting to know you too