Sunday, April 21, 2013

Face Wash & Shaving Cream

This will be a short & sweet post about the kind of face wash i use/love and shaving cream.
 I like to post my products I use/love in case anyone ever asks or wants to know what i use. Us ladies always are asking advice on different products. so here ya go :)

Enjoy! :) xoxo

I literally just came across this. My brothers girlfriend doesn't like these. I have used each one for three days straight. Hasn't broke out my face or irritated anything. My face has never felt so clean and soft.

I am in love with this shaving cream. Found it while i went to many many parties for Pure Romance. I buy in bulk when its on sale. Use it all over and i am typically sensitive to new things, this didn't break me out or irritate anything. Its good condition cream for your body too.   

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