Friday, May 31, 2013

FAN Friday &&&& Summer Bucket List

Venus Trapped in Mars
This girl has been my new favorite blogger of the week, I cant even remember How i came across her blog but Glad i did, and now follow her on twitter and just overly enjoy her humor and she is one cool lady. I am linking up Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars for a FAN Friday Link up.

Tevis and I are football fans. He has been a season ticket holder for 3-4 years now. When i was just talking to him as friends, i knew he had Season tickets for Indianapolis Colts football games and I was so jealous, well now we are together,  and I am also a season ticket holder, hehe. Sundays are made for Football and i miss football when its not football season. I usually sign up for 3-4 fantasy leagues and it makes watching football with tevis more enjoyable because we will make bets or root for players we have playing. Having a fantasy league makes watching football most def. enjoyable. i hope to get together a all girls team this year, if you want to join LET ME KNOW! :) We get close parking and have decent seats, so its not a whole lot of walking for Tevis, and Lucas oil stadium is a nice stadium so there are ramps and escalators that make it easier. I can excited for football season to start and get this link up more exciting with weekly updates on games and etc :) I will leave you with some pictures from last year!


I always love reading Big Holly's Blog :) So i am little late (but still have time) linking up with her and Trista for a summer Bucket List. 

  • Got to the Indianapolis zoo
  • take bike rides with Delaney
  • have a water balloon or water gun fight with Delaney
  • have a party/cookout after we move and are settled in
  • go to the drive-in
  • go to the park a lot with Delaney. I love to Swing
  • Buy a little pool so Delaney and I can stay cool on hot days
  • do fun crafts with Delaney
  • go to a baseball game
  • go to Kings Island with Delaney and some friends and their daughter

I think that is a pretty good list for now! :) I am sure I can do it all and be very satisfied :) 


  1. I love Kings Island! I went there once as a kid:) Cute pics...I've never seen Bud Light Lime in an aluminum bottle haha!

  2. This is the kind of "gold digging" I totally endorse. Being with a man for his season tickets!! :) I love the Colts... mostly because of Peyton but I like Luck now too!

  3. Me and J do the fantasy leagues too. It makes it way more intense! I used to be a die hard fan of the Colts until we lost Peyton. Then I adopted the Patriots since that's J's team

  4. Great list! Thanks for linking up and Happy Summer!

  5. Love football! My son is a huuuge Payton Manning fan so he used to love the Colts but now he's followed him over to the Broncos!

  6. COLTS!!!!!!!
    oh.. and there is something missing in your summer bucket list ;) lol

  7. Just found your blog through the bucket list linkup! Go Colts! Where do you live in Indiana? You definitely have a new follower! Stopping by from :)