Friday, May 10, 2013

Happies & Crappies {5}

WAHOOO its Friday! you know what that means????

I am linking up for a Happies and Crappies post!  

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Its a little after 5pm, but never too late for my happies and crappies post! :)

  • I finally got my nails done if you follow me on IG you already know HOW CUTE THEY ARE!
  • Tevis' eyes are getting better! WAHOOO & after next week he wont go back for 4 months
  • I bowled 4 games Tuesday and stayed in the 100's for my scores. 
  • Going to join the summer employee league with Tevis
  • started running
  • today is friday and Delaneys weekend so yay so glad to have her for the weekend
  • got my car back so no more dealing with one care
  • half way done thru this semester of classes, my math midterm was EASY :) 


  • Tevis had his 3rd laser eye treatment :( 
  • my car sucks, took it in for an oil change and $625 later its all fixed. 
  • miss my family
  • miss my best friend
  • was REALLY sore after trying to run. Gotta take it easy! I have plenty of time to train!
  • i dont get a summer break from school like everyone else, oh well

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. My mom doesn't get a break either ... boo! But at least of will be worth it :)
    I miss u too! Can't wait until you can finally come visit. ;)
    your nails turned out super cute ;)

  2. I hate dealing with car issues.....I've heard em say "if its got tires or testicles its bound to give ya problems" :) Haha! I can reason with a guy better than I can a car though!