Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hi my name is Britney & i am a social Media Junkie &&& More

You all are lucky.. you get two posts from me today! 

 I just want to remind everyone to please please look at my side bar.... >>>>>>>>>>

Go add me to twitter..following me on IG(favorite place to post) and go "like" my Facebook blog page! & please follow me on BlogLovin' the google reader GFC is all going away.>>>>>>

I am a social media junkie! I am always on my phone...I TRY my best to post everywhere and let ya'll know about me, my life and everything or everyone around it! Its a great way to keep in touch and to get to know me. I am a great person to know, hehe :)

Only reason why I want you all to follow or add me and satisfy my social media addiction is because I need to make my stuff private. I hate having my IG public but then I cant interact the way I want to. After reading Hubby Jack's post yesterday, these flipping Trolls will just rip you a new one and attack you and your friends, family, KIDS and significant other. I love to interact with my new friends and stay connected, that's what a good blogger does!

SO you all read my post yesterday and know how Sore i was that i had to take a break, after 1 day, REALLY??? GR. made me mad, but i know i over did it. I did my workout on the c25K app & then bowled four games(1 hour) on Tuesday. Dont worry Ive been drinking tons of water and eating bananas and etc.

hey ladies, do you have any other good workout running apps like c25K to suggest?

So yesterday I kept as active as i could, i did not just lay in bed or sit on the couch and watch tv all day. I stretched when i could and we cleaned and packed some boxes up and I did laundry. So i was always moving. Tevis was nice enough to rub my legs with this cream to help my muscles loosen up. I seriously could not sit down or get up without making a noise because it hurt so bad. Tevis laughed at me a lot yesterday. 

So i was determined to keep going. Got up at 8am today, ate some breakfast. 
these are amazing and filled me up.

 I went out to the driveway. Did some stretching and figured i would just go to a good brisk walk, running might over do it again. Well i didn't walk but 10 flipping minutes, back of my ankles killed me and i looked and I was bleeding. DARN new shoes! So then turned around and did about 40 jumping jacks and little more stretching. So HEY at least I got some exercise in! I gotta wrap my ankles better or maybe find higher ankle socks. I will get out again tomorrow morning : ) Next week i'll get on schedule of Mondays Wednesdays & Fridays. & eventually get a gym membership.

have a great Thursday! 


  1. Great schedule. I am taking Tuesday through Thursday off to walk/keep active until I get my gym membership (hopefully soon)

    Erica Dee

  2. I'm a social media junkie, too. I think all bloggers are. lol