Friday, May 17, 2013

WINNER WINNER!! & happies and crappies {5}

HAPPY FRIDAY LOVES & HEYYY to my new followers!

I want to thank everyone who entered our giveaway! I already plan on doing another one SOON. I loved it. Excited for my new followers and hope everyone stays and enjoys my blog and we get to know each other!


Jillian Mikels from GIRLFRIENDJILL
Girlfriend Jill

NEXT part of business today...
I am linking up for a Happies and Crappies post!  

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  • Tevis has his last laser treatment today.
  • he doesnt have to go back for 4 months
  • i ran Monday with my c25k app without dieing
  • i bowled twice this week for extra exercise 
  • goal from tuesday-have drank water all week, whaooo
  • next friday starts a 10 week summer league i am doing with Tevis
  • i got a 93% on my midterm, wahooooo
  • come monday i only have 4 weeks left then a week break for school
  • erica and I's giveaway was a HIT.
  • Got new followers :) 

  • Tevis has laser today :( 
  • i have no will power when it comes to food
  • my anatomy and physiology 2 class is kicking my butt
  • greys anatomy season finale was last night :( booooo

Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Food will get better when u move :) we got this! ;)

  2. I bought a treadmill and will be starting the c25k app! Gonna wear out them new Nikes:)

  3. omg I have such a hard time with food too! To the point where I will text D and be like please tell me not to eat this! Congrats on your midterm grade, that is fantastic! You are rocking those classes. Also yay for bowling! I know that has got to be giving you a work out, I get super sore after only a day or two so I know you are getting awesome muscles! You rock girl!