Wednesday, May 29, 2013

so WHAT Wednesday....

Today is my 100th post! WAHOOO.
Welcome new followers/readers the the Friend Connect Blog Hop i participated in yesterday.
I am overwhelmed with the comments/emails i got from some pretty awesome ladies!

So its Wednesday, time for a short and short post so i can work on PACKING and HOMEWORK! 
I am linking up with Life After I "Dew" again this week! 
Check her out!

SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • its almost 2pm and i am still in my pj's. Its sort of a lazy day.
  • if my laundry is piling up. ill do at least one load later, lol.
  • I am working on three weeks of homework this week, got so much going on the next two weeks
  • i had a blond moment and bought new allergy pills, didn't read the back label and they cause me to be drowsy. NO WONDER I've been so dang tired during the days. 
  • i haven't practiced bowling this week, maybe tomorrow.
  • i know my hair is falling out due to my PCOS but i want to color my hair sooo bad.
  • i get mad that tevis is LEVELS and LEVELS ahead of my on CANDY CRUSH. i curse this game
There ya have it Short & Sweet, my brain is on overload because of Homework. That is what i am saying So WHAT to today! 
Hope everyone is having a great week, Happy Hump Day. 


  1. I totally get the Candy Crush anger! I am so competitive!!!

  2. I refuse to play Candy Crush. All Y'all craziness scare me haha

  3. Candy Crush os the DEVIL!!! lol

  4. Yay for your hundredth post!! And so what, but I'm still in my PJs too!!

  5. YAY! 100th post! I giggled at the candy crush so what, every one on my fb seems to be getting so into it lol
    PS I nominated you for the Liebster award.. head over to my blog to check out the deets!

  6. ick i'm stuck on level 23 and CANT GET PAST IT, it's driving me nuts :(