Thursday, May 16, 2013

LINK up Thursday! HOLLA!

Hello loves :) 
...and welcome new followers, so glad you are here, hope you enjoy my blog and Good Luck on the give away! 
Today I am going to be doing a few link ups! 
First one is a neat fun link up.... Go check out Kristin and share your favorite drink, say hey to other bloggers and most importantly have fun!  
Hopelessly Ever After
OK this is super simple. This does not have to be some elaborate drink recipe with exotic liqueur, etc. It can be something as simple as an awesome wine that you tried recently or a unique beer that fits the season. It can even be a simple cocktail like mine.

No fun recipe to share for you all tonight! Just wanted to share what my new favorite drink is as of late!
Redds Aple Ale! Love how it doesn't have the bad taste of Beer, i am not a Beer drinker and I can totally tolerate this one. 

Next Link up is Random Thursday with three amazing ladies
Meaghan, Lin & Em ( my web browser wont let me go to Ems page I am sorry )

My Dream Home...

Wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if you won the lottery or had an uber rich relative leave you a ton of money so you could design your very own dream home? Yes! Well, lets play pretend shall we. Get on Pinterest, clip some pictures or design your perfect house and share it with us! From the kitchen - to the bedroom - to your backyard it off.
I would love a great big Tub like this with a fireplace!
My sex and the city closet!

Huge king size bed ...a sitting area... and a fireplace is all I need! 

That's all the creative I can get for my dream home! ENJOY! 

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  1. A bath tub with a fireplace next to it? That is awesome!
    Found you through the Random Thursday link up! Cute blog! I'll definitely follow!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I'll have to give reds a try. Oh and I need that bathtub!

  3. That bedroom is awesome and the closet is divine!

  4. I want a Carrie Bradshaw closet!!!

  5. LOVE your dream home!! Never tried that drink before, sounds like it would be yummy!! (:

  6. Thanks so much for linking up!! I LOVE Redd's!! It goes down so smooth!! Almost tastes like apple juice. Dangerous!!


  7. OMG if I ever win the lottery can you design/decorate my house? Cos these are all BEAUTIFUL!!!! Particularly that bathroom. I'd happily live in just that room alone. Thanks for linking up with us and sharing!
    (Also sorry about my blog not working - turns out a photo I linked was being blocked for malware, unbeknownst to me until lunch time today! I've replaced the image now, so it should be working again!)

  8. seriously that bath. I'm such a huge bath person and that would be my absolute dream one!!
    thanks for linking up!

  9. I need a bathtub with a fireplace next to it.