Thursday, May 2, 2013

No excuses now. I CAN DO IT!

Hello all my lovely readers/followers!

Yesterday & Today was absolutely great days and i can't to share with you why!

We plan on finally moving into our own house by July 1st, so we went furniture shopping yesterday. It was so fun looking at stuff and picking items out with Tevis. I was all giddy and felt like an adult buying items for my house, eeeek! Can't wait to move and take pictures and show everyone. I also was able to go to Old Navy and buy some capris and i am down 4 sizes. YAY! I havent bought any sport bras yet, I am pretty sure Tevis would kill me for buying a sports bra for $46 I think i may wait a little bit to show him i am serious about running/exercising.

Now i am going to photobomb you and trust me you will like what you see :)

Last night i spent a long time separating counting and rolling change while listening to Todays Country on Pandora.

A lot of money right there which let me go SHOPPING today! SCORE

I am doing this #photoadaymay challenge on IG. Its not too late to start, so follow me on IG and tag me :) 

This was #photoadaymay picture #2 Favorite color, PINK! 

Can you guess where we had lunch at today?

JOHNNY ROCKETS! my first time :) i have the best cookies and cream shake

Then I dropped off Tevis at work and decided to bowl a few practice games to burn some calories off from lunch. I bowled a 118 my first game. One of my highest yet. YAY
Then it was shoppign time where i walked some more to burn some calories :) I invest in this starter kit from BareMinerals. I am so excited about this! 

Best purchase of my day!!! NO MORE EXCUSES now i have my shoes, now get my lazy but up and exercise!

SEE i told ya they were all good pictures to stay awhile and look through! :) I have had great day yesterday and today despite some unnecessary drama but hey I am Alive and well and blessed to have tevis in my life! 

Happy Thursday to all your beautiful ladies out there!!!
& remember...


  1. Your shows look awesome!! I can't wait to see pics of your new place, and the stuff you bought!
    Where was a sports bra $46???? That's crazy!!
    And, what is Johnny Rockets? Sounds like I need to go!

  2. Let me know how u like bare minerals :)
    Love the shoes :) so glad u were able to go shopping today! Can't wait to hear about ur first day running :)

    Erica Dee

    1. the question is...when is my first day of running? LOL

  3. I want those shoes! love them! Also picking out stuff for a new house is the most fun you can have, we've only lived in our home for a year and I already want to move to go through that experience of everything being new again :)

  4. Awesome pics and purchases! ! I love nike! Also I just bought the fiona bra on moving comfort's website and they have some colors on sale for $27! Go check it out! Yay for moving and picking out new stuff so fun!