Monday, May 13, 2013


Litte Rant and get to know me about my monday morning run/walk :) 

Over the past year i get questions about me working and not working....

-have you found a  job yet?
-what are you looking for?
-don't you get bored not working

Biggest pet  peeve over the last year is questions about me and getting a job.
For one... its none of anyone business, but I felt as if i wrote this post out I would feel a little better and release from negativity from people.

I got a job at a tanning salon at the age of 15 and worked until after I graduated High school when I found a great great great job, I worked at Classic Products (Bowling Distributor) for 5 years & if you read "Our Story" you would know that's how I met Tevis. && if you also have read through Tevis' Story you will better understand why i moved to the Indy area and that I have not been working since march of last year. MY CHOICE. MY DECISION!

I was comfortable at my job I had, i loved my customers and was good at what I did. So when it came time to look for a job i always had a bad attitude about it. I lived off my tax money and savings all last year and of course Tevis  helps and my parents help. I do not have that many bills, its really no big deal that Tevis takes care of me. If he didn't like it he would make me get a job! I was being picky about a job and when I did have interviews for jobs i was really into obviously it never worked out. So i decided to go back to college, figured I have a great support system, Tevis, and more stable in life. I started Online classes @ harrison college last September  && let me tell you something, I spend HOURS & HOURS on school work. With lots of talks with Tevis, there was no need for me to find a full time job, til school was done. I may need a part time job but things have been fine money wise, so i figure once we move we will see how money will be and we will make the decision if i need a part time job or not until I am done with school. Our goal is for my to fully focus on school and not waste my $35,000.

I do not get bored sitting at home, because I just don't sit at home. Yeah i have my tv junky nights, but its not every night. I cook, do dishes, clean, do laundry, take care of tevis, we have delaney every other weekend, school work, & take care of myself. Tevis is a full time jobs sometimes, use to be lots of sleepless nights. Things are getting better there, thankfully. & Once we move, i will have even more cleaning and responsibilities and even outside work. So me not working, isn't such a bad thing. I am thrilled i am going to be a home owner and love being a house wife to Tevis.

Come one who wouldn't love having all the flexibility? I can go get my nails done whenever( thanks to Tevis ), i can meet up with friends, have lunch dates, dinner dates, Go see my parents up north almost whenever, go bowl, if Delaney needs us, we are there in a heartbeat, go on random weekend trips or plan a vacation without work getting in the way..ETC ETC. So ya see... not working isn't bad!!

I love not working..end of story. If i need to MAN UP and get a job I will. I just don't don't think people should sit and complain or judge about me. My life My Decisions My Choices. You can complain if your paying my what little bills I have then you can talk ALL YOU want.

Once i am done with school & get my degree which will be Medical Reimbursement Technology. I will be able to work in insurance companies & do medical coding and billing, I could even work from home which is my ultimate goal. Who wouldn't love working from home!!!!??!? So yea see, i have a goal, i have a game plan, I know what i want to do. I wont be jobless forever, and if that's my decision right now? Stand by my side don't criticize ...because we are all human, and not everyone is perfect.
seen this on Google. CANT WAIT TO BE AN AUNT! 

my alarms are set for the week! Got out this morning :) 

Love my new Workout Tank Top

Delaney's First Grade Spring pictures! 

Its Monday &  A new week. Got my alarms set and going to get out there this week and run/walk Taking my sweet time getting the hang of this running thing because i have time to work at it slow! Still don't know how i am going to be able to run longer then 5 minutes without stopping LOL.
Today i got up at 8am, got dressed and ate a little something I was out stretching and ready to go.
I used my c25k App again. and this time i only did 5 set out of the 8 I didn't want to over do it like i did last week & maybe by Friday I will be able to do all sets of 8. baby steps :)
OOOH and man cant wait to move... i hate all these lose dogs around the neighborhood.

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  1. Love your shirt ;)
    You are an awesome housewife and a great student
    I don't care what anyone says, I am proud of you!! :)

  2. Glad you got out and moved!! It will get me! Keep at it! :)

  3. I can never understand why people don't mind their own business?!?! If you are happy at home, then stay there! Not many people have the option for that, of you do that is WONDERFUL!! I'm so happy for you!! And who knows, after you're done school maybe you'll want to continue to stay home! Tell people to shut their mouths!

  4. What the heck is wrong with people?! They are just jealous! I didn't work for the first four years thats I was with D! The only reason I have a job now is because it is one I want and went to school for. Don't let them make your feel bad! School is hard and deserves a loy of attention; plus being a housewife is amazing! So proud of you for working your butt off for running.

    Ps love Delanys pic!