Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the Sentence linkup {2}

Good Morning Everyone! I am on a record this week, have been getting up at either 8am or 9am. It is seriously between 10-noon when i would normally roll outta bed. Trying to get a better routine down!
So today is the famous Jake & Holly's Finish the Sentence link up, the one with the funniest answers wins! NOW I KNOW i wont win lol. I just love this link up! ENJOY! 


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I am in college... eeek lol love you Bub

My best friend says... i am lucky and thats why my blogs name is Lady Luck.

People call me... the blondest brunette you'll ever meet

I most often dream... about ponies and rainbows!

The best part of my day... is leaving the house...

I really don't people can sleep at night knowing how evil they are

I get really annoyed... when people talk like they KNOW ME

There's nothing like a... a hot bubble bath with candles and some soft music playing to end my day

Lately, I can't get enough...  NO BAKE COOKIES!

One thing I am NOT is... a runner. I am a fat girl wanting to run like a skinny girl lol

I spent too much money on... make up... eeeek

I want to learn.... how to cook

If I ever met ___robert pattinson______, I would...ask him to bite me. LOL

I can't stop... running..keep it up britney you can do this!

Never have I ever... stopped on a on ramp on the interstate and got caught by the cops and told us to move on..LOL

Reese Witherspoon... shame on you...

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  1. I love that your friends call you the blindest brunette and that you dream of rainbows and ponies! Awesome!!