Wednesday, May 8, 2013

so WHAT Wednesday!

Hey loves, xoxo 
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SO WHAT if...

  • i did not wake up today to run/walk i legit was in tears because how sore and outta shape I am will get up thursday and Friday. PROMISE! 
  • we started a new routine of getting up early we can sleep when we are dead
  • i thought running would be easier... i am legit an ugly runner right now!
  • i am a shopping addict 
  • i love that we had a super target in greenwood, our bank account could be in trouble, LOL
  • i ran/walked yesterday morning and then bowled 4 games yesterday evening, YUP no wonder i am SORE as hell lol OOOOPS
  • if I have been talking about a giveaway and you all haven't seen a post about it yet...YOU WILL SOON! i promise! CAN'T WAIT! 

No getting up today due to being in such pain that i couldn't sleep and was in tears. I am very out of shape! So i will get up tomorrow and walk and then Friday i am gonna do my C25K again (day 2).  I am loving all the support i have from Tevis  friends, family and the blogging community! WAHOO. YOU all rock my socks off!!  Have a great Wednesday everyone! 


  1. I try try try to live by "I can sleep when I'm dead but it just makes me tired" Hahaha!

  2. Running and bowling, I agree, no doubt you're sore!! Take it easy, you don't want to go too hard too fast and get hurt! And guaranteed your not an ugly runner! You look way better out there than the people home still in bed!

  3. Yeah the soreness can be rough but It will get better! So proud of you. Total side note I miss target