Friday, May 3, 2013

Happies & Crappies {4}

Hey loves, xoxo

I am sure everyone is having a great friday and for all who will catch up on blogs tonight and over the weekend thought i would finally write my post for the day :) 

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  • i bought my running shoes
  • we went furniture shopping
  • my brother and girlfriend got their baby crib :) 
  • we made a date to move
  • my very good friend Casey got a new puppy, hes a Yorkie and he is adorbs
  • i went shopping for capris since i don't have any for the summer and i am down 4 sizes. 
  • I am loving the new people i am "meeting" in the blogging community! There are a few ladies i love emailing back and forth.
  • Erica and I want to host a giveaway..are you all ready for it?
  • tevis agreed I could get a gym membership
  • think i am gonna sign up for the loyal customer program for ItWorks.


  • Tevis had another laser surgery treatment today, Yes he did great i just hate it
  • it sucks living in the country so far away from greenwood, it will be so nice to be close by store when we need something
  • hate wasting gas going back and forth to greenwood so much lately, can't wait to live in greenwood.
  • Don't see a weekend visit to my parents house this month :( 
  • i have had no energy lately... :( 
  • my anxiety sucks hate how it makes me feel
Everyone please have a great weekend!! 


  1. Boo to no visit home. I frickin' miss u!!!
    Yay to shoes and gym. I'm so ready to start too!
    I'm super excited about doing our giveaway .. it'll be good!!!

    Erica Dee

  2. You are amazing and I love your happies but boo for those crappies! esp the anxiety! <3

  3. Aw! Your happies are great! Love them, and keep outnumbering your crappies! :) Come enter my current giveaway to win $40 gift card to Rendi! It's a really sweet new decor company!

    1. Yes love it when my happies outweigh my crappies! :)