Thursday, May 30, 2013

my Promise!

My Blogger Promise!

I am amazed about my traffic and new followers! 
My stats are pretty amazing right now...for a sort newbie starting Blogging beginning of February.

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Bloglovin'- 42 followers
GFC- 38 followers
I use Twitter(set private) and IG like crazy so go follow me there!

So with all these new followers I sure hope a lot of them are reading and enjoying my blog and getting to know me. I love interacting with you via Social Media. Some of my followers I have actually gotten close with and text, or e-mail a lot. We are all here in this awesome blogging community to support each other. I am here to support you. I love the blogging community!

So my promise to you is...

-post 5-7 times a week
-reply to every comment
-respond to every e-mail
-give lots of social media shout outs even if I don't sponsor you on my page
-have giveaways often to keep the spark going
-have guests post often to keep the spark going
-in the future have my own link up
-not really a promise, but I hope to be able to design blogs and etc for people are very low prices

I am sure i could list more promises, but here is what i got so far! Don't hesitate to e-mail or message me on Facebook if you want any requests or have any questions.

Picture taken on Saturday, was having a good day. Notice hair is shorter :) 


  1. Great promises ;)
    I love your hair!! You are fantabulous ;)

  2. Those are some great promises! And I love your hair and that we have become good friends :)

  3. Your hair looks awesome!! Those are great promises too!!!

  4. Sounds great!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!