Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh ...hey Monday!

Its monday.. again... ugh!
I do not work, just have my college classes and tend to whatever Tevis needs/wants. Tevis keeps me pretty busy and since right now we have ONE CAR i tend to go to work with him, so yeah i still dread mondays right now.

My weekend did not consist of a whole lot, so no monday recap of iphone pictures! 
I will update you on tevis, he had his second laser eye surgery on his right eye friday and did great his blood sugar being controlled is helping his eyes A TON! The next two friday i am going to hate taking him to get his last two laser treatments done. They are more invasive and will be more painful for him. Thinking about it makes my anxiety go through the roof already. I feel so bad for him! BUT FINGERS crossed these last two treatments are his last ones and he can take a break for awhile. 

In exactly one month..we will be in Louisville, Kentucky! WAHOO
In two months..we will be in the process of moving and unpacking! WAHOO

here is a glimpse of our new bedroom set...
We got the headboard..footboard..two night stands..and the chest. ANd we have storage on the side of the bed which this picture doesn't show! We did not get the dresser with mirror because i just thought it was too big for our bedroom. We still have a 55in tv to put in the bedroom, lol! 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!! 
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  1. I love the bedset!!! :) can't wait to see it in your new bedroom :)

    Erica Dee

  2. Aw poor Tevis! I hope they arent too bad but glad they are helping! Yay for exciting things to come.. the bedroom set is gorg!

  3. Oh boy, I hope these are the last treatments he needs! For both of your sakes!!
    I'm in love with your bedroom set!! I can't wait to see photos once you're all settled!