Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Because: Pay It Forward!

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This post is inspired by the lovely Simply Sami! Hope you don't mind :)

Last week i was informed of this site where people bring down and make fun of bloggers. NOT COOL. We are all here to motivate each other, encourage each other and just simply be there for one another. The blogging community is the greatest thing i could be apart of. I have "met" some pretty amazing people and love reading about their lives. I know Mama Laughlin and Skinnymeg have been victims of these Trolls ( as Hubby Jack calls them ). Just like Sami, i want to encourage everyone to be more supportive and encourage people more. One simple comment can go a long way. I try my best since I am a Social Media Junkie to comment and be supportive. Its the little things people. #payitfoward
And dont just do this to our blogging community. Get out in the real world and smile at a stranger tell somone "have a great day". You never know whose day you are making. DO IT! :)

So i liked how Sami put some goal in her post...thought i'd do the same!


1. NO diet pop or Tea rest of the week... monday-check
2. Drink lots and lots of water
3. Bowling-tuesday Run/walk-wed Bowl-thursday run/walk- Friday
4. by friday I hope to be able to do all 8 sets on my C25K app.
5. if we do go out to eat (which we will) eat as healthy as possible!!!

&& to leave on a good note. I did 5 sets yesterday morning with my c25k app..and I AM NOT SORE! SCORE! rest of the week for working out is going to go great!

Also, with getting up early man do i need a PICK ME UP in the afternoons. I want spark...but so darn expensive  I worry about drinking all that caffeine too. Any suggestions?

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  1. Of course I don't mind! I love it!!! Glad you are not as sore as I am!! LOL :)

  2. Like I said on Sami's post, the bullying in blogging is nuts! Why bother reading if people are just going to hate?? Nuts! Anyway, good job on the goals, lady! I know you'll rock em!!