Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So what wednesday ++ more

Hey loves, xoxo HAPPY HUMP DAY.
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SO WHAT if...

  • i bowled like crap on Tuesday. 
  • i have been doing homework in the pro shop while tevis is working, lol
  • had to force myself to get up tuesday, i wanted to sleep until like 1pm.
  • we went furniture shopping and are not in our house yet lol. its fun to shop :) 
  • i ate a big potato from Mcalister's tuesday, it was oh so yummy and worth it.  
  • i had a sweet tea this week ( i am not a sweet tea person ) it just sounded good.
  • i keep talking about running maybe one day soon i will actually do it lol
OK i can't think of anything else to say! 

Here is my wish list for what i want RIGHT NOW:

Running Shoes- I dont know what kind I want, need to go get fitted and I want everyones opinions.
Sport Bra-
Everyone has suggest some sport bras i have looked up and man they are pricey, BUT worth it, I want to try this one out, called Fiona.

Workout clothes- Will probably look at walmart and Old navy for workout clothes! 
Gym membership- I am teaming up with my girl Casey and hopefully we will be workout buddies and either go to LA fitness or Planet fitness in the Indy/Greenwood Area! 
Summer clothes
Customized iphone 5 case Otterbox- seen one Mamalaughlin had, SO CUTE, but ugh so exspensive

I need a job so tevis doesn't yell at my for all my wants LOL

Have a great wednesday Everyone! 
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  1. That bra is the shiznit! Serisouly. I run in Nike lunars. When I run my foot falls to the outside. Find your closest running store and have them fir you for a shoe! That is what I did. Good luck!

    1. I keep hearing I need to get fitted for shoes. I WILL def do that :) Cant wait!
      what kind of running app do you use?

  2. Old Navy is def the best spot for workout clothes!! Well, there and Target! Cheap and super comfy!! Good luck girl, you may just find you enjoy running!

    1. I hope i find running FUN! :)
      I am hoping to get a gym membership for 19.95 a month which includes the gym, tanning, massage chairs, red light therapy, and etc. :)

  3. I am thinking Target as well for my work out clothes!!! :)
    I didn't even think of a sports bra.. Thanks Britney Nicole, now my list has another item ;)

    Erica Dee

    1. I always forget about Target once i move i will literally have one down the road from me..EEEEk
      Yeah a good sports bra is a MUST!!!

  4. Holy crap girl we are so much alike! I am legit buying that bra today, I just scheduled a haircut (and highlights), I am obsessed with those personalized otterboxes (and mama laughlin lol) but of course they dont have them for my phone, and I am so desperate for new summer clothes but am waiting til I lose some weight, and if I weren't in Germany I would be getting fitted for running shoes like yesterday!! And as I type this out I can't help but think of that scene in Stepbrothers where they are like did we just become best friends?! yup! hahaha