Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running...day 1

Happy Tuesday loves!

I want to first off tell you that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!

Yesterday I decided that I have my running shoes so I need to stop with the excuses and just get up and get outside and run/walk. Well i woke up at 9 Monday (that's EARLY for me) and noticed it was rainy and crappy out. So yesterday did not work out since I was gone rest of the day and didn't get home until 10 pm. So i made a target run yesterday afternoon and got a new sports bra, couple new workout capris and awesome socks. I was fully READY TO GO! 
So i love Target, haven't been in awhile and this one which is a SUPER target is like just miles from my soon to be new house! YAY

Two new capris..sports bra..socks! WAHOOO

I checked weather for this morning, it said rain will start at 7am :( boooo. So i set my alarm for 8am, took another step to get up an hour earlier from yesterday. I got up seen the SUN SHINING and got my workout clothes on grabbed my phone & headphones and used the C25K app today. It started off with a 5 minutes walk then i did 8 sets of jogging/running for 60 seconds then walk for 90 seconds & then a 5 minute cool down! 

I am so extremely proud of myself! It was ugly and i thought i was going to die! BUT I DID IT! I DID IT I DID IT! I texted my mom and dad to let them know :) tevis was very proud of me and gave me praise when i plopped on the bed after, haha!  Now tomorrow I may just walk more then run to just keep easing my body into this. its been over an hour and my legs don't feel like jello anymore. To give a little background on where I live...I live with Tevis but with his boss for the time being.. we are in the country. I wanted to get a gym membership but need to save money. So i decided to just run on our street...UGH i will go to the back thats just a few miles away now...with trails and a little safer! I dont mind the cars that occasionally come by me i am AFRAID of the dogs! So many dogs around run lose, it just scares me! I cant wait for July to be here, we will be moved in our new house (old to Tevis) and in a nice safe addition that i can run/walk on sidewalks and ride my bike :) I am determined to keep this up since i have my first 5K in september! So sit back and enjoy my journey with me! 

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  1. So proud of you! Congrats!!! I love Target, too!

  2. Whatttt? I have never seen a super target!!!! :)
    I'm so proud of you for getting out this morning! You are awesome!!!

    Erica Dee

  3. Proud of you! I was gonna write about my gym experience yesterday but the whole running thing just isn't my cup of tea haha

  4. Way to go Brit! So proud of you!!

  5. Yay!!so proud you did it!! I agree, just ease yourself into it, then you wnt get as sore!!
    I hate dogs that are on the loose too!! They scare the crap,outta me!

  6. Yay!! That's so awesome! And Target - love their workout clothes :)